June 26, 2019

 Baptista Lugendy St-Hubert a.k.a. BAKY (born on May 6, 1991) 28 years young is a Haitian rapper, best known on the Rap Kreyol stage under his artist name “Baky“. Originally from the South of Haiti, more precisely from the city of Les Cayes, Haiti. Baky was raised in a musical family that bequeathed to the sense of rhythm.

Endowed with a flow of an exceptional technique, Baky quickly finds himself on major projects. Thus, after his first steps in the Rap, “Paskem Se Ayisyen” on which he will leave his imprint. His first song was written in a very special circumstance. Baky wanted to pursue his education in the Dominican Republic after he graduates from High School. After hearing about the living conditions of some Haitians (see their brutal death) there, his mother worried, gave an end to not receive his request. Baky felt himself filled with feelings of extreme anger and frustration that he channeled on paper.

Following a very positive feedback from the public towards his song, a remix was quickly put out. When this remix was released in collaboration with several Artists of the Rap Kreyol game; Dug-G, Wendy, K-libr, Rhéal Adolphe and Vanessa Désiré. At this point Baky doesn’t have an album yet, but immediately start to work on a project to extend his reputation and wishes to bring good rap to the Haitian Community.

Despite a fruitful year 2012, full of success for his young career, Baky remains humble and grateful. Throughout the years he received many marks of appreciation and accolade for his striking style and sincerity.  All he wants is for God to support him through this adventure in the musical world.

Fast forward to 2019 & reflecting on his past accomplishments, BAKY has  released his most recent Album  Echec Et Mat  in 2018. He has traveled the world touring and promoting his previous album  Fos Yon Black released in 2014. 

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